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Our services are customized for every business to maximize ROI and craft the most optimal path for the future with our innovative solutions


Our team of expert AI engineers identifies areas in businesses that can be revamped with the use of AI technologies. We help businesses grow their customer base by building custom AI solutions tailored to their work ecosystem. We create new systems or enable AI in existing systems to create the most profitable results.


Our solutions include real-time analytics based on customer behaviour to generate insights about the product engagements and text sentiment analytics. From there, we can categorise the feedbacks and suggest image analytics solutions for product categorisation, quality analysis of products, similar product tagging and more to benefit your business.


Using Symbolic, Sub-symbolic and Statistical macro-approaches from our AI frameworks, we can help business systems predict better outcomes by identifying source patterns in unstructured data like for example insights such as sentiments, language, gender, age, demographics, favourites, etc. of data generators.


Machines can find the smallest of errors, and our digressive prototypes can test business ideas in real-time to find any void, so that your business gets the best viable solution. Sales intelligence solutions help businesses get a higher ROI by providing intelligent insights, efficient recommendations, and valuable predictions.

We Offer

We offer integrated consulting and technology implementation services to businesses that want to redefine their customer success stories through digital transformation

We are an integrated team of skilled engineers, architects, developers, and project managers professionals who are passionate about client success, excellence, and innovation. We enable our clients to deliver better, faster and create awesome customer experiences


Our Pride

I was very happy with their work and would build more stores with them as the need arises. Their response time was quick,they attended to my requests and made the changes until I was satisfied. They stayed on top of the job until they had concluded. I had other proposals for more money to do work and had to chase after them. My experience was delightful and here is my opportunity to thank V-Group. I have already recommended them to my friends and will continue to do so.


I am 100% completely satisfied with V-Group’s work in setting up my webstore and their patience with me. They are quick in setting up and will continue to make any changes until you are satisfied. When I had any questions or concerns they were emailing or phone calling me and helped me in many ways. I recommend V-Group to anyone who does not understand how to set up a webstore. You will be well pleased with V-Group’s work and you will get your money’s worth.


The application looked fantastic and earned compliments from visitors. V Group set up efficient procedures and responded promptly to feedback. Their fluid, collaborative communication helped the project progress smoothly.

Robert Swan

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