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CamFlash is an amazing flashlight application for the Android platform. This camera flashlight app uses the device’s camera LED flashlight to allow users to zoom-in with the bright LED flash to find lost objects in the dark.

CamFlash provides a powerful, bright light with a brightness level adjustment, blinking controller, SOS, battery (saving) optimization, etc. It’s compatible with all smartphones and tablets. 


  • Attractive UI and easy to use Flashlight Application
  • Battery saver CamFlash – Camera Flash Light 2019 App
  • Large power on/off switch that’s easy to tap
  • Blinking flash light with adjustable speed
  • Steady camera focus with zoom-in functionality (as magnifying glass)
  • Morse code SOS functionality
  • Customizable screen colors  
  • You can even use your full screen as a color light lamp! 


Privacy Policy

Effective date: January 22, 2019

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