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COVID - 19: V Group Endeavors

COVID - 19:  V Group's Endeavors

COVID-19 hasn’t been easy on anyone. It is one of the few instances in our history that has affected the entire world and brought them together in their struggle to cope with this. People are losing their loved ones, some are losing their jobs, some are struggling to access basic needs, while some are trying to make ends meet.

Everyone supporting the people in any way is a Hero today. Doctors saving lives in hospitals, Police ensuring reduced exposure of public and Employers ensuring their staff’s safety – everyone is doing their bit and all their efforts matter.

Several such initiatives are taken by V Group in their offices both in US and India to ensure utmost safety of their staff, and at the same time keep the business running while preserving jobs. The March 2020 lockdown had left everyone unprepared, and in this unpreparedness and chaos, management at V Group provided the best to their employees.

From our New Jersey, U.S. office we demonstrated solidarity with the nation’s efforts to combat the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic:

Supporting COVID Warriors

By organizing and distributing PPE kits to healthcare workers at hospitals at a time when it was needed the most. 6000 pairs of gloves and 2500 masks were donated at that critical juncture.

Community Relief

Additionally, contributions made by the U.S. office employees to aid in the relief efforts were matched by corresponding contributions from the Company.

Some of the efforts initiated and sponsored by the Company at our India locations to facilitate smooth and uninterrupted services under the new norm are:

Establishing Connectivity

Many of the employees did not have decent internet connections, as the services by Internet Service Providers did not exist in their region. V Group worked with these service providers and ensured that their employees receive the best possible internet connectivity for their work. Any grievance was closely monitored by the company so that   work did not suffer and employees were not inconvenienced.

Smooth Power Supply 

Some of the staff members who had to move to their hometowns owing to the lockdown, lived in areas that had erratic electricity connection. Not only it affected their work but was also difficult for them and their families to cope with. V Group facilitated installation of inverters, batteries as a power backup for all such employees within the first few days of the lockdown thereby ensuring that their employees were provided with unhindered electrical power supply.

Providing contactless deliveries

For employees who required office equipment, deliveries were made to their respective residences through contact free service.

Employee outreach

The Corporate team along with the Business heads have been regularly interacting with every employee, keeping them informed of the precautions to be taken to prevent infection. Employees are engaged in recreational and educational activities through online sessions to keep them energized, free from stress and worry.

Listed below is useful information related to COVID-19 for one’s reference:

For those working in India: 

Government Website  Helpline Numbers 
World Health Organization Emergency Diseases  Central Helpline No. for Corona Virus: +91-11-23978046
Government of India - CPVID Support  Madhya Pradesh Call Center: 104 
National Health Mission - Madhya Pradesh  Madhya Pradesh Corona Control room: +91-7552527133
Govt. of Maharashtra - Public Health Department Maharashtra Helpline: 020-26127394 

For all other states please click HERE

For those working in U.S.A.

Government Website  Helpline Numbers 
Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) Please refer to your State, County, Town for further details 


All are advised to keep themselves updated with the Helpline numbers in their area