V Group has pioneered its way by implementing voice recognition technology and AI-enriched Chabot in their Tournament Edition application. This will bring convenience and ease to tournaments like e-sports, and will assist users of Tournament Edition with any questions or concerns with the platform and application.

To ensure user registration proceeds without error and event management operates smoothly, TE’s voice technology allows seamless account creation and offline management with an option to subscribe to Alexa skills. This feature will allow event organizers and users to handle tournaments through Alexa devices and enable payment options via PayPal.

Key Features 

  • Intelligent Seed System
  • Offline Feature
  • Location based push notification
  • Create and follow player/organizer profiles
  • Send URL invites

TE uses voice skills to resolve FAQs such as:

  • "Okay google, How do I register an account with Tournament Edition?"
  • "Alexa, Give me information about Tournament Edition."
  • “Hey Siri, find nearest Call of Duty tournament near me”


eSports, VoiceSports, Alexa, Voice technology, Optimization, Mobile, Speech Recognition

Business Advantages:

  • Voice Assistants can change businesses by automating tasks
  • If AI assistants have access to company databases, they can compile statistics, automate tasks, and turn dictations into text reports.
  • Great tool for multitasking so that users won't have to divert their eyes from more important things.
  • Great tool for those with special needs 
AI ProjectAlexa, eSports, Mobile, Optimization, Speech Recognition, Voice Sports, Voice Technology

Word from Spearhead

A Next-Gen revolution in gaming world. Geo-fenced players, tournament and organizers. From FAQ to authenticated participation, all in one solution.