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QA Services Core/Flex

V Group’s Core/Flex QA Services model offers core flex capacity model, customized according to the client’s needs & requirements.

Our solution is to design a core capacity model which is required to implement a project with flexible capacity based on fluctuations in the forecast.

Our Core Flex Model provides the widest range of support at minimum cost to clients. Under this model, V Group provides several fulltime “Core” highly experienced Senior Quality Analysts to lead testing, augmented by a small staff of “Flex” Quality Analysts available on a need basis. Our model actually results in long term cost savings for the Client.

With this model, the V Groups’ Flex team receives ongoing training on all applications running at our clients’ end to support our clients if any emergency occurs.

QA Service On-Demand

V Group’s On-Demand QA Service model is one of our fastest growing service offering in the market.

We provide our highly skilled & expert QA Consultants to perform On Demand Testing service.

Our service approach is a practical, cost-effective and low-risk for our client’s organizations to secure better testing performance.

We follow an uncommon process of helping our client’s with as little as a day’s advance notice with no long-term contracts agreements.

We always provide a report at the end of the day named as “Evening Report” which shows our actual & Current activities, deliverables and our upcoming plans for the next day.

We help our clients in reducing their cost, we always make sure to meet production deadlines and improve quality by offering highly skilled resource & solution which provides the quality service at higher speed with low cost.