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SAP with AI


Transforming Businesses with Expert SAP Services

At V Group, while we have done migrations, development and maintenance projects we want to pioneer the trade, so we have embarked on Digital Transformation to new age tech stack with custom integrations and implementation in SAP projects and also assist with Team Augmentation, we are proud to boast a Subject Matter Expert (SME) with three decades of experience in SAP. With our SME's wealth of knowledge and expertise, we are poised to enter the realm of SAP services and build solutions using SAP and Automation services (including AI, Gen AI, RPA, Power Platforms), aiming to deliver impactful solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients in the digital landscape. Harnessing this seasoned experience, we now look for more to excel in the realm of SAP, ensuring that our solutions drive value and innovation for our clients.

Our Offerings

SAP with AI

SAP with AI

SAP with AI

Projects : Greenfield, Brownfield

Projects : Greenfield, Brownfield

Projects : Greenfield, Brownfield







 Team Augmentation

Team Augmentation

Team Augmentation

Support and AMC

Support and AMC

Support and AMC

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Fortune 500 and World Leaders

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SAP with AI

"Embracing Industry 4.0's frontier, V Group pioneers Generative AI alongside AI's broader spectrum, transcending ML and DL. With custom AI-integration tools and SAP-backed solutions, we ensure automated processes, driving consistency and efficiency while saving millions."

AI Products to Integrate with SAP

  • Crowd Management: Our Crowd Detection solution counts and detects people in real-time through CCTV cameras, enhancing crowd management & security measures while increasing safety protocols. The real-time Dashboard reports monitor & analyze data, identifying potential security threats and optimizing operations.
  • Product Counting : Our Product Counting AI Solution uses advanced computer vision technology to count products and provide real-time alerts on inventory levels, allowing businesses to optimize stock management, prevent stockouts & overstocking. It is customizable, scalable & can be integrated with existing systems for comprehensive inventory management as well as shift-wise inventory records.
  • Vehicle Number Plate Detection : Our Vehicle Number Plate Recognition system uses advanced technology to automatically detect and recognize license plate information in real-time. This can improve efficiency and reduce human error while also enhancing security. It can work in different weather & lighting conditions & be integrated with SAP as well as Weighbridge Softwares.
  • Entry-Exit Detection: Our People Head Count solution uses advanced computer vision algorithms to accurately detect the motion of people inside the plants/sites through the entry gate. It is also helpful in for doing head count of people at assembly points while conducting mock drills.


  • SAP ABAP Developer: Enhance and customize your SAP applications to meet specific business requirements.
  • SAP Fiori/UI5 Developer: Design and develop modern and intuitive user interfaces for seamless user experiences.
  • SAP HANA Developer: Optimize applications on the SAP HANA in-memory database platform for enhanced performance.
  • SAP BW/BI Developer: Design data models, ETL processes, and optimize SAP BusinessObjects reports and dashboards.
  • SAP BTP Developer: Develop custom applications, integrate with other SAP solutions, and leverage the SAP BTP's capabilities.
  • SAP CPI Developer/Integration Developer: Design, develop, and maintain integrations using SAP Cloud Platform Integration.


Our SAP Experts Consulting services offer tailored solutions across MM, SD, CRM, PP, QC, PM, FICO, ABAP, BTP, CPI, and B1 modules, optimizing workflows and driving innovation. With expertise in designing comprehensive SAP architectures, we provide strategic guidance for successful implementations aligned with your specific business needs. Let us empower your organization's SAP environment and drive digital transformation.

  • SAP MM (Materials Management) Consultant: Streamline procurement and inventory processes with SAP MM solutions.
  • SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) Consultant: Support sales and order processing with SAP SD module configurations.
  • SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Consultant: Manage customer relationships effectively with customized SAP CRM solutions.
  • SAP PP (Production Planning) Consultant: Specializes in optimizing manufacturing processes, ensuring efficient production planning, scheduling, and execution within SAP systems.
  • SAP QC (Quality Control) :  Focuses on enhancing product quality and compliance by implementing effective quality control processes and integrating quality management functionalities within SAP systems.
  • SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) : Specializes in maximizing equipment reliability and minimizing downtime by implementing efficient maintenance strategies and workflows within SAP systems.
  • SAP Solution Architect: Designs comprehensive and scalable SAP solutions tailored to meet the specific business needs and objectives of an organization, ensuring optimal performance and alignment with industry best practices.
  • SAP FICO : Specializes in implementing and optimizing financial and controlling processes within SAP systems, ensuring accurate financial reporting, compliance, and effective management of company finances.
  • SAP ABAP: Consultant adeptly develops and customizes SAP applications using Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) language, enabling tailored solutions and seamless integration within SAP systems.
  • SAP BTP: Consultant proficiently designs and implements innovative cloud-based solutions, leveraging SAP's integrated suite of technologies to drive digital transformation and business agility. 
  • SAP CPI : Consultant specializes in seamlessly integrating diverse business systems and applications, facilitating efficient data exchange and process automation across the organization's digital landscape.
  • SAP B1:  Consultant adeptly customizes and implements SAP's ERP solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, ensuring efficient management of key business processes such as accounting, sales, inventory, and production.

Migration Services

"V Group specializes in SAP migrations, seamlessly transitioning from ECC to S4 HANA, middleware, and database platforms. Our expert execution ensures a smooth shift to modernized systems, empowering businesses for the digital age."

  • ECC to S4 HANA:  Seamlessly transition from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA using advanced migration tools and methodologies, ensuring minimal downtime and preserving data integrity.
  • Middleware Migrations: Streamline middleware migration processes to modernize systems and ensure seamless integration with SAP solutions such as SAP BTP, optimizing data flow and application communication.
  • Database Migration: Facilitate database migration projects to ensure smooth transition of data, leveraging SAP BTP capabilities for optimized performance and integration with SAP solutions
  • Integration and Middleware Services :
    • SAP PI/PO (Process Integration/Process Orchestration) We Implement seamless data flow between SAP and non-SAP systems.
    • SAP CPI Consultant/Integration as a consultant we Advise clients on utilizing SAP CPI, providing consulting services on integration implementations.

Support & AMC: Administration and Infrastructure Services

  • SAP Basis Administrator: Manage and maintain your SAP landscape, ensuring optimal performance and security.
  • SAP Security Consultant:  Design and implement robust security roles and authorization profiles.
  • SAP CPI Administrator: Manage and maintain the SAP CPI environment for stability and performance.

Why Choose V Group

  • Depth of Expertise: Our team, led by Mr. Allauddin Muhammad, brings 3 decades of hands-on experience in SAP across industries mainly Manufacturing, Finance, Retail, Logistics and Supply Chain.
  • Agility and Adaptability: We understand the dynamic nature of businesses. Our agile approach ensures quick responses to evolving needs and challenges.
  • Certified Professionals: Our team holds relevant certifications, ensuring the highest standards of expertise.
  • Holistic Solutions: From ABAP development to SAP BTP and CPI services, we offer end-to-end solutions, providing you a one-stop-shop for all your SAP requirements.

Embark on a Journey of SAP Excellence with trusted partners

Connect with V Group today and embark on a transformative journey of SAP excellence. Our innovative solutions are designed to elevate your business, streamline operations, and maximize efficiency. Explore the future of SAP with a partner who not only understands technology but also values your success.

Kick start by a Team Augmentation Inquiry, as for an SAP Team

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V Group’s SAP Team to meet your Contingency

Our SAP team augmentation services provide skilled professionals across various SAP modules, bolstering your workforce to meet project demands. With a pool of experienced consultants, we ensure seamless integration and efficient execution of SAP projects. Let us augment your team and accelerate your SAP initiatives.

  • SAP Staff Augmentation Services: Ensure continuity and expertise in your SAP projects with our experienced professionals.
  • Agile Teams : Squads, Tribes, Clusters, PODs we will assist in staggered hiring plan, top-down team building.

SAP ABAP Developer:

  • Develops and maintains SAP applications using ABAP programming language.
  • Customize and enhance SAP functionalities to meet specific business requirements.

SAP Fiori/UI5 Developer:

  • Designs and develops user-friendly and responsive SAP Fiori applications.
  • Utilize SAPUI5 and HTML5 technologies for creating modern and intuitive user interfaces.

SAP HANA Developer:

  • Develops and optimizes applications on the SAP HANA in-memory database platform.
  • Implements data modeling, scripting, and performance tuning for HANA databases.

SAP BW/BI Developer:

  • Designs and develops SAP BW data models and extract, transform, load (ETL) processes.
  • Creates and optimizes SAP BusinessObjects reports and dashboards.

SAP BTP Developer:

  • Responsible for developing applications and solutions on the SAP BTP.
  • Creating custom applications, integrating with other SAP solutions, and leveraging the platform's capabilities.

SAP CPI Developer/Integration Developer:

  • Focuses on designing, developing, and maintaining integrations using SAP Cloud Platform Integration.
  • Creates integration flows to connect different systems and applications.

Administration and Infrastructure Services

SAP Basis Administrator:

  • Manages and maintains the SAP landscape, including system installations, upgrades, and patches.
  • Performs system monitoring, tuning, and troubleshooting to ensure optimal performance.
  • Implements and maintains security measures for SAP systems.


SAP Security Consultant:

  • Designs and implements SAP security roles and authorization profiles.
  • Conducts security audits and assessments to ensure compliance with policies.


SAP CPI Administrator:

  • Manages and maintains the SAP CPI environment, ensuring stability, security, and performance.


Functional Consultancy Services:

SAP MM (Materials Management) Consultant:

  • Configures and implements SAP MM module to streamline procurement and inventory processes.
  • Collaborate with business users to gather requirements and provide SAP MM solutions.


SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) Consultant:

  • Implements and configures SAP SD module to support sales and order processing.
  • Work with business stakeholders to understand sales processes and requirements.


SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Consultant:

  • Implements and configures SAP CRM solutions for managing customer relationships.
  • Customize CRM functionalities to align with business processes and objectives.

On Demand - SAP Solution Architect:

  • Provides strategic guidance on SAP solutions to align with business goals.
  • Design end-to-end SAP architectures and integration points.
  • Collaborates with project teams to ensure the successful implementation of SAP solutions.


Integration and Middleware Services

SAP Integration and Middleware Services facilitate the seamless connection and communication between various SAP and non-SAP applications, systems, and data sources, enabling real-time data exchange, process automation, and business process optimization across the organization's digital ecosystem.

SAP PI/PO (Process Integration/Process Orchestration) Developer:

  • Designs and implements integration scenarios between SAP and non-SAP systems.
  • Develops and configures interfaces using SAP PI/PO middleware.
  • Collaborates with different teams to ensure seamless data flow across the enterprise.


SAP CPI Consultant/Integration Consultant:

  • Provides expertise in advising clients on how to best utilize SAP CPI for their specific business needs.
  • Work closely with clients to understand their integration needs and provide consulting services on how to implement and optimize integrations using SAP CPI.


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