V Group’s expert knowledge on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Neural Network algorithms has helped us deliver a smarter and context-aware AI engine which can function at its peak efficiency with minimal processing times.

The goal of this project is to enhance existing customer experience and reduce end-user effort by developing an advanced Chabot that not only understands and answers your question/concern but redirects you to the right representative or webpage if needed. Chabot often do not understand the “way” user is asking questions, they perhaps know the answer but they do not “recognize” the question

At the backend, it will generate n-output for every input to create various sentences that also be used to test your Chabot. This feature will keep performing testing on its own and provide you with a detailed report. As well as update its database, this means the more you use the Chabot the intelligent it gets

Technology Used:

Natural Language Processing, Artificial Neural Networks, Python


Optimization, Voice Recognition, Machine Learning, Natural Languages

Business Advantages:

  • Natural language processing also helps job recruiters sort through resumes, attract diverse candidates, and hire more qualified workers
  • Sentiment analysis helps businesses understand society such as processing emotions from text or images.
  • Spam detection uses NLP to keep unwanted email out of your inbox; programs like Outlook and Gmail use it to sort messages from certain people into folders
  • NLP can process and categorize feedback as positive or negative.


AI ProjectBot Testing, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Voice Algorithm Optimization

Word from Spearhead

Your bot has all the answers but how would it know what is the right question? Our Algorithm generates all the possible way a question can be asked and ultimately make your bot smarter.