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About V Group 

Enhancing Return On Investment for our Staff, Suppliers, and Customers

V Group is a team of innovative technical and business-savvy people; with the passion to create solutions.

V Group is an IT Services and Products Company with Strategic Business Units of Artificial Intelligence, E-commerce, Digital, Professional Services, IT Projects and Products. More to come...

We have our headquarters in New Jersey and offer high-end B2B solutions to our clients, subscribers and partners.

We began with a focus in e-commerce and have developed over 350 online stores for clients all over the world including numerous Fortune 500 companies such as Boeing, Apple, Sears, Best Buy, Michael Kors, Honeywell, MTV etc.

We add value through our partnerships, products and expertise on platforms like Shopify, Magento, Amazon Webstore*, Drupal, WordPress, Bigcommerce etc. Our on-shore and off-shore model brings high return on investment(ROI). Over the years our team has grown to also specialize in custom mobile application development for all major platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, AppleWatch, and AndroidWear.

Our primary goal is to help our clients to adopt new technology that simplify the business process. We develop and implement advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Voice Commerce Cloud Solutions and Infrastructure Services.

Our development teams are full of software developers who are able to successfully design, develop, and implement your idea within your budget. We have long-standing partnerships and alliances with the biggest players in IT including Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle.