V Group’s developers have taken the initiative to develop a high-end voice and image analyzed assistant application integrated on onto a cabinet for automated inventory management. This allows customers to get notification about the items in their inventory running out or place an automated order to refill the item.

These features can be operated from a dashboard or with just a voice command. These features can greatly benefit ecommerce brands, increase productivity by tracking purchase, organizing tasks while making day-to-day processes more efficient and streamlined, and thus benefitting your business.

With the help of this technology, every time one opens or closes the cabinet, it will identify the items that are low in number with the help of image analysis and notify or place an automated order as per the default setting sets.

Categories / keywords:

Alexa Skills, Ecommerce, Healthcare, Voice Technology, AI

Technology Used:

Python, Node.js, Alexa skills development, MySQL, AWS/DigitalOcean

Business Advantages:

  • FastREQ allows businesses to provide convenient, hands-free operation for customers that only requires interaction between a customer and a machine
  • There is increased security because only verified buyers can purchase items using devices
  • There are decreased costs because it will help organize tasks and track sales.
  • It allows faster documentation of everything said because it is automatically recorded by the machine.
AI ProjectAI, Alexa Skills, eCommerce, Image Processing, Requisition, Voice Technology

Word from Spearhead

A database specific NLP and conversational strategies based Alexa skill that enables you to manage your inventories and authenticated user requisitions.