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FastREQ allows you to re-order the items from the list of items you have added, or to search, add and scan items via Barcode and re-order. You can manage account and customize apps theme according to your choice through the website. App allows you to register new items and can make changes at a later stage, it manages a list of all the items selected by you for requisition which are editable and can be moved to draft. These services are conveniently grouped and developed specifically for use on Android device.

FastREQ can help you if you place requisition through website and Android app, you can use your smartphone to place requisition and get a reminder on your smartphone for the same.

Hardware Interface: Android Phone or Tablet

Software Compatibility:

  • OS: Windows XP or above
  • Platform: Android SDK Framework
  • IDE: Android Studio
  • Android emulator: SDK Version 16 or Higher
  • Back end: Java
  • Database: SQLITE
  • Android devices: Screen size larger than 4.0 inch is recommended & API level 16 or higher

Unique Features:

Barcode Scan

  • You can scan the barcode and the scanned barcode will be sent to the server to get item information, if it’s a valid barcode then item gets added into Barcode Scan List.
  • You can also edit the quantity of item before adding to list.

Use App Offline

You can use the app offline and update the changes later

Offline Sync Status

You can check what changes you made while on offline mode and update them once you are online


App gives you a draft feature, it makes going through your choices easier

Requisition History

You can view the requisition history, re-order previous requisition, export the requisition history in date span and can send the reports directly to any email address


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