Voice Business Discovery was created in order to integrate it with custom voice assistance applications on voice recognition devices, existing web and mobile apps. Voice Business Discovery is an AI-enabled voice assistant application that can provide company-specific or product information, company services details, and high-end functionality to connect with various departments on multiple devices,. 

This application can retrieve company information such as locations or timings directly linked to your business website. V Group’s expertise in voice assistant applications which is AI-powered Chabot delivers extensive AI-enabled functionality for any business. The Chabot will simulate an interaction users may have with a real person and not only comprehends commands but language and accent as well.

Voice based applications have become an increasingly popular way of communication with brands used by customers and by monitoring consumer data to gain insights. About 45% of millennials say that they would like to do business (retail, food & finance) by performing some voice commands at home. This application can suggest a different or more convenient product or service to personalize the customer experience via voice recognition devices. V Group can help you integrate Voice Business Discovery into your business or products to enable your customers to receive any relevant information through voice commands.   

Technology used:

Python, Node.js, Alexa skills development


Voice Recognition, AI, Chatbot, eCommerce, Voice Commands, Alexa Skills, Alexa, Customer Support

Business Advantages:

  • Voice Assistants can change businesses by automating tasks
  • IfAI assistants have access to company databases, they can compile statistics, automate tasks, and turn dictations into text reports. Great tool for multitasking so that users won't have to divert their eyes from more important things.
  • Great tool for handicapped usage and to people who have only been able to access it at a slower pace
  • Voice technology is changing how we use the internet by creating familiarity for users



AI Project


AI, Alexa, Alexa Skills, Chatbot, Customer Support, eCommerce, Voice Commands, Voice Recognition

AI ProjectAI, Alexa, Alexa Skills, Chatbot, Customer Support, eCommerce, Voice Commands, Voice Recognition

Word from Spearhead

Use Alexa to speak for your business and have the user connect with right department without any extended search and redundant routing.