V Group’s Voice Search Optimization (VSO) is a product of our experienced technical knowledge on Alexa and other voice recognition devices. We have developed an engine that combines voice recognition and AI implemented search optimization engine that can search and retrieve data at very fast speeds in order to enhance existing customer experience and reduce user effort.

VSO can recognize a user’s voice, process any command received, optimize your content, location, and brand information to increase the likelihood of powering voice search based accurate results. 

The significance of VSO is it can greatly reduce the amount of time and effort an end user must devote to researching information pertaining to a wide variety of databases.

Technology Used

Alexa Skills Development, Python, Node.js


SEO, Voice Recognition, Search, Optimization, Voice Search, VEO

Business Advantages:

  • SEO increases traffic to landing pages by raising brand awareness and visibility
  • Connects better with the users and reduces wasted time because it is convenient and 24/7 customer support
  • Enhances customer engagement with personalized customer experiences, thus creating higher scope of conversion and sales
AI ProjectOptimization, Search, SEO, VEO, Voice Recognition, Voice Search

Word from Spearhead

Conversational Keyword Based Content Research and Optimizations Strategy Based On User “Intent and Develop Voice Assistant-Friendly Content That Is Grammatically Sound, Easy To Pronounce, And Concise.