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Accessibility (A11y) and Design


Robust, Inclusive, and Customer-Centred Design

By carefully mapping the customer journey, we design a seamless digital experience for your products. We go above and beyond in our approach to inclusivity, with A11Y Compliance at the core of our design strategy.

Moreover, VGroup Inc. is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner equipped with subject matter experts with substantial experience in delivering superior product designs.

Additionally, we tend to dig deeper into consumer psychology to deliver products that help you reduce operational costs, increase the throughput, and boost ROI with the help of specialised tweaks aimed toward the goals mentioned.


Designing Immersive Experiences

Producing immersive designs optimised for superior customer experience facilitating the end users to feel one with your product.
That's what the CXD team does at VGroup. We don't believe in staying inside the status quo but in creating new standards for ourselves.  

Stepping Towards an Unbiased Internet

Going one step further, we ensure that everyone, especially people with disabilities, can perceive our designs.  
For us, A11Y (Accessibility) is not another compliance; instead, it's the only right way of designing an unbiased product.   

Our Offerings

A11Y Audit

Examining your website for every possible accessibility touchpoint and generating a comprehensive report on faults and suggested improvements. 

Design Consultancy

Revamping your digital products in terms of functional design, standards, and compliances while optimising for customer experience. 

La Carte Services

Conceptual design, wireframing, navigation and consistency testing, heuristic evaluation, visual design efficiency testing, pre and post-launch usability analysis, and more. 

Managed Services

We'll take care of everything, from user requirement analysis to delivering the final design, while closely working with the in-house team at your end. 

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Delivering Excellence In IT Solutions

We've been transforming the Information Technology space since 1999, and up until now, we've been most successful in our pursuit of creating a culture that provokes innovation.

Microsoft Gold Partner

We've received the highest form of credibility certificate that a development firm can acquire from Microsoft.

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The top-tier companies have trusted and chosen us as their preferred IT solutions partner.

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We've been the trusted development partner for various government organizations in the USA.

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Headquarters are present in the United States, India, and the Philippines.

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We've been listed as among the USA's Top 5000 Companies In Terms of Revenue.

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We've built applications that outperform the competition and bagged ILTA Peer Awards and American Business Awards.

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We've registered a plethora of patents keeping the spark of innovation alive.

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We've worked with healthcare, legal, pharmaceutical, banking, chemical, manufacturing, retail, and many more industries.

Accessibility means making things like websites, products, and services usable and understandable for people with disabilities. This practice boosts inclusivity and opens up the digital world for the less fortunate, turning the world into a better one for everyone and removing biases.

The practice of Accessibility is not only a moral responsibility; if you fail to meet the requirements, you might face potential lawsuits from the concerned authorities. This can result in a penalty, ultimately draining thousands of dollars that could otherwise be put to good use for the venture.  

Some of the ways in which adhering to A11Y or Accessibility guidelines helps your digital product  are:

  1. Inclusivity: Accessibility ensures that digital content and services are available to everyone, including people with disabilities. It promotes inclusivity and equal access to information and services, regardless of an individual's physical or cognitive abilities.
  2. Legal Requirements: Some legal requirements and regulations in many countries mandate Accessibility for websites and digital services. For example, in the United States, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) require federal agencies and organisations to receive federal funding to make digital content accessible.
  3. Ethical and Moral Responsibility: Ensuring Accessibility is often viewed as an ethical and moral responsibility. Excluding people with disabilities from accessing digital content or services is seen as discriminatory and unjust.
  4. Wider Audience: Making a website accessible means it can reach a broader audience, including people with disabilities. This can increase user engagement and potential business benefits, such as expanded customer reach.
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Many accessibility best practices overlap with good SEO practices. Properly structured and accessible websites often perform better in search engine rankings, which can lead to increased visibility and traffic.
  6. Future-Proofing: As technology evolves, it's becoming increasingly important to build digital content and services with Accessibility in mind. This helps future-proof websites and ensures they remain usable as new devices and technologies emerge.

While there are a handful of guidelines for digital and physical accessibility, following these three would be enough to cover an online digital product against a lawsuit against moral responsibilities.  

  1. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG): WCAG guidelines are the ones that govern accessibility over websites and web apps to make sure that the content available online is interpretable by specially-abled individuals. It was developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and is morally and legally essential for digital products.
  2. Section 508:  This guideline is to be followed by digital products owned and operated by federal agencies and other organisations that receive funding from federal agencies.
  3. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): The ADA is the general guideline for online digital products functioning in the United States to adhere to the needs of specially-abled people and make the products more accessible. Although this guideline is not technically sound like the others mentioned in this list and is generic, following this is also critical.

In most cases, owners of digital products are unaware if their products are accessible by these standards or not.

This is why we offer "Accessibility Audit," which can help determine the A11Y score for your website and potentially save you from a lawsuit.


Our CXD teams are responsible for optimising the overall customer experience in terms of design when interacting with online digital products such as mobile apps, websites, web-app and more.  

We take care of everything from transforming your digital products to reaping a favourable outcome from user interaction to adding layers of A11Y compliance policies and revamping their complete outlook.  

While taking care of the aesthetics, we dig deeper into the psychological impact produced by the product via User Research, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Prototyping and Wireframing, Usability Testing, Customer Journey Mapping, Digital Product Strategy, Multi-Channel Experience Design, and more.  

Better experience results in better conversion rates, increasing brand trust, and a loyal consumer base, some of the most desired outcomes a brand can hope for.

VGroup Inc. has been in the IT solutions space since 1999, and every year, we have successfully added a new set of services under a portfolio, which is why we can accommodate brands with an array of IT services apart from the CXD and A11Y.

We have done everything from eCommerce store optimization, migration, management, and overhaul to developing Robotic Process Automation capable of functioning at enterprise-grade.  

We also manage offshore development centres and help enterprise-grade clients hire through onsite, coreflex, BOT, and other models.

With long-standing partnerships with Microsoft, Twilio, Shopify, and UiPath and certifications from WBENC, NJDOT, ISO 9001:2015, and others, we are among the preferred choices for enterprise and government projects.  

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