While chat bots have helped the businesses a great deal, a recent study reveals some key areas where AI still needs to be introduced:

  • Chat Bots often do not understand the “way” user is asking questions, they perhaps know the answer but they do not “recognize” the question
  • If and when the chat is to be handed over to a human, the transaction is not that friction-less, and that ultimately results in dead ends of the conversation
  • Bots are not yet designed to understand the “context” of the conversation

We at V Group are determined to deliver more than an “Answering Machine”; we deliver a smarter and context aware AI engine.

Our engine enables an intelligent Context Processor that will process user’s input to analyze the context of the conversation. In the duration of interaction session, if and when the user wants to speak with a human agent, our engine will redirect the call to the right agent based on context and skill mapping, all with just one click.

This greatly reduces the amount of time and effort an end user must devote to communicate with an application to be routed to another node or person.

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Predictive Call routing with real-time environment conditions to generate the best match, enabling your customers to reach the best resource, every time.