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UiPath Trusted Partner


Automate Business Process With Certified UiPath Partners

VGroup Inc. is an accredited UiPath Partner that can help you implement and scale RPA solutions.
We can handle development, optimization, integration, compliance, and management for RPA Bots, along with consulting if needed.
Moreover, we have expertise in developing attended and unattended RPA Boths that can handle processes such as tracking orders, monitoring approvals and payments, email scraping, and more.
Besides RPA, our end-to-end IT solutions team works with hardware, software, server, and network infrastructure. We also offer various services, including product development, CXD, accessibility to power platforms, knowledge management, ERP, and more.  
We have been in the industry since 1999 and have been making a name for ourselves as one of the top IT solutions providers in the USA, working alongside the public sector, Fortune 100, and global enterprises.

End-to-End RPA Development

We offer a seamless journey from process analysis and design to implementation, testing, and ongoing support.
Our experts ensure efficient, error-free automation, empowering your business to boost productivity.

Harness The Power of Unattended Automation

Unattended automation streamlines operations by running tasks without human involvement.

This reduces errors, enhances efficiency, and enables 24/7 task execution.

Our Offerings

RPA Consulting

Strategic development and planning, leveraging automation technology to optimise business processes and enhance productivity.

BOT Development

Customised automation bot development for enhancing operational efficiency of a repetitive process.

Performance Optimization

Tweaking automation workflow for Enhancing speed, scalability, and overall performance and user experience.

Third Party Integrations

Seamlessly integrating third-party services to enhance functionality for the automation systems in place.

Governance and Compliance

Ensuring adherence to industry regulations and implementing effective governance practices for the automations systems in place.

Training and Change Management

Providing comprehensive training programs and change management strategies to successfully adopt and adapt to automated systems and processes in place.

Entrusted By

Fortune 500 and World Leaders

harvard medical school
acme united corporation
best buy
Sea World
Sky Bridge Capital
Pacific Western Bank
Ogletree deakins

Delivering Excellence In IT Solutions

We've been transforming the Information Technology space since 1999, and up until now, we've been most successful in our pursuit of creating a culture that provokes innovation.

Microsoft Gold Partner

We've received the highest form of credibility certificate that a development firm can acquire from Microsoft.

Fortune 1000 Clientele

The top-tier companies have trusted and chosen us as their preferred IT solutions partner.

US Govt. Portfolio

We've been the trusted development partner for various government organizations in the USA.

Global Presence

Headquarters are present in the United States, India, and the Philippines.

Listed In Inc. 5000

We've been listed as among the USA's Top 5000 Companies In Terms of Revenue.

Award Winning Applications

We've built applications that outperform the competition and bagged ILTA Peer Awards and American Business Awards.

24+ Years In Industry

More Than Two Decades Of Operations.

Patented Products

We've registered a plethora of patents keeping the spark of innovation alive.

Experienced In 20+ Industries

We've worked with healthcare, legal, pharmaceutical, banking, chemical, manufacturing, retail, and many more industries.

Trusted Partners bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, having successfully executed RPA projects across various industries and use cases. By leveraging the expertise, organisations can streamline their automation journey.

Furthermore, trusted UiPath partners have access to a range of UiPath resources, including training, support, and product updates.

This access ensures that organisations can stay current with the latest advancements in RPA technology and receive timely assistance when issues arise.

Cost efficiency is another crucial advantage of working with these partners. They can help organisations avoid common pitfalls and ensure their automation initiatives are designed for long-term success. By doing so, organisations can achieve significant cost savings over time while maintaining high operational efficiency.

Additionally, UiPath partners are well-equipped to address compliance and security considerations. They understand the importance of adhering to industry regulations and data security best practices. This expertise helps organisations navigate complex compliance requirements and ensure their automation solutions are practical and compliant.

Change management is often a critical component of automation projects, as they can impact workflows and employee roles. UiPath partners can assist organisations in managing these changes effectively, ensuring a smooth transition for their teams and minimising disruption.

Moreover, partnering with trusted UiPath business partners provides the advantage of continuous improvement. After the initial deployment, these partners can monitor the performance of automation solutions, identify bottlenecks, and recommend enhancements to maintain and even boost efficiency over time.

This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the benefits of working with a Trusted UiPath Partner; connect with one of our RPA representatives to know more.

UiPath is a leading robotic process automation (RPA) software platform that assists businesses in automating repetitive and rule-based tasks by emulating human actions on a computer.  

RPA technology allows organisations to optimise operations, enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and free up human employees to concentrate on more strategic and creative activities. 

Businesses can harness the potential of automation through UiPath in various ways. Firstly, they can automate repetitive tasks, such as data entry, data extraction, validation, and document processing, to save time and minimise the risk of human errors.

 This boosts efficiency significantly as automated processes can run around the clock without interruptions or mistakes.

 Secondly, UiPath helps cut costs by automating routine tasks, reducing labour expenses, and allowing employees to focus on higher-value tasks.  

Additionally, it minimises costs related to errors and rework. UiPath's scalability is another advantage, as it enables organisations to adapt to changing demands by deploying additional bots or automation processes as needed. 

Furthermore, UiPath integrates with existing software applications and systems, allowing businesses to automate end-to-end processes involving multiple software platforms.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a transformative technology that utilises software robots or "bots" to automate repetitive and rule-based tasks within business processes.

These bots are programmed to mimic human interactions with computer systems, including tasks like data entry, form filling, document processing, and more.

RPA is a game-changer for organisations looking to enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs while maintaining accuracy and compliance.

Here are the key benefits of implementing RPA in business operations:

Increased Efficiency: RPA bots work tirelessly around the clock, ensuring tasks are completed quickly and consistently. This reduces processing times and faster task completion, improving overall operational efficiency.

Cost Savings: By automating mundane and repetitive tasks, RPA reduces the need for human intervention, leading to significant cost savings. Organisations can allocate human resources to more strategic and creative endeavours, optimising workforce productivity.

Improved Accuracy: RPA bots perform tasks with remarkable precision, virtually eliminating the risk of human errors. This is crucial for processes requiring precise data handling, compliance, and quality control.

Enhanced Compliance: RPA ensures consistent and auditable regulatory and business rules compliance. Following predefined workflows rigorously minimises the risk of compliance violations and associated penalties, safeguarding the organisation's reputation and financial standing.

Large enterprises characterised by complex and extensive business processes, can leverage RPA to streamline their operations, reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Financial institutions, such as banks and insurance companies, can utilise RPA to automate tasks like data entry, account reconciliation, fraud detection, and customer onboarding. RPA can significantly improve accuracy and reduce the risk of financial errors in these organisations.

Healthcare providers can use RPA to automate administrative tasks, claims processing, appointment scheduling, and medical record management in the healthcare sector. By automating these tasks, healthcare professionals can dedicate more time to patient care, ultimately improving the quality of healthcare services.

Retail and e-commerce companies can benefit from RPA by automating inventory management, order processing, and customer support tasks. This allows these businesses to manage seasonal fluctuations in demand more efficiently and provide better customer service.

Manufacturing companies can optimise their operations by implementing RPA for data collection, quality control, inventory management, supply chain management, and order fulfilment. RPA can help streamline these processes and improve overall efficiency.

Apart from these, RPA can be extensively valuable for other sectors, such as telecommunications, government agencies, human resources departments, logistics and transportation companies, insurance companies, customer support centres, and energy and utility companies.

VGroup Inc. has been in the IT solutions space since 1999, and every year, we have successfully added a new set of services under a portfolio.

We can accommodate top brands and enterprises with various IT services ranging from product development, ERP, cloud solutions, knowledge management, Microsoft stack, power platform, network infrastructure, and more.

We have done everything from eCommerce store optimization, migration, management, and overhaul to developing Robotic Process Automation capable of functioning at enterprise-grade.

We also manage offshore development centres and help enterprise-grade clients hire through onsite, coreflex, BOT, and other models.

With long-standing partnerships with Microsoft, Twilio, Shopify, and UiPath and certifications from WBENC, NJDOT, ISO 9001:2015, and others, we are among the preferred choices for enterprise and government projects.

The Products we've built have won American Business Awards and have been nominated for other recognitions.

To know more about the services that we offer, you can check