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V group’s Regression Testing service will identify and confirm any change, defect fix, improvement or introduction of new feature or functionality in the software system which can influence existing system functionality.

V Group offers a methodical approach to conveying regression testing by test cases improvement and categorization methods according to the standards given below and executing them for more intensive regression testing.

  • Test cases which have frequent defects
  • Test cases which cover functionalities that are more visible to the clients
  • Test cases which verify core features of the product
  • Test cases of Functionalities which has undergone more and recent changes
  • System Integration Test Cases
  • Boundary value Test Cases
  • A sample of Successful Test Cases
  • The sample of Failure Test Cases

V Group also offers expertise to automate regression test cases that are repetitively executed thus diminishing cost and time. The most commonly used test automation tools are Selenium, QTP and Test Magic.