Your perfect partner for Enhancing ROI in IT

V Group’s Managed Infrastructure Services target to meet what the customers want and advice the customer how they should go about in using managed services and package the services that is affordable. All this is possible with V Group – your extended IT Team.

we can expertly address all of your day-to-day IT management needs so you can focus on your revenue-generating initiatives. We can enable your business to reduce if not even eliminate your IT overhead, as well as the ongoing headache of trying to maintain a knowledgeable and reliable IT staff.

Explore our services which meets your all standards.

  • You can significantly reduce IT operations cost
  • 24×7 Management by extended IT team- we support in your non-working hours too.
  • Comprehensive IT Task and Process Automation- all maintenance is prescheduled.
  • Enhanced IT Operations Staff Productivity – Since it is extended IT support, we manage the teams for you
Desktop Management Server Management Network Management
We manage complex desktop environments letting you focus on the business and rest assured on us. We can implement custom desktop policy as per your business needs. V Group’s server support teams provide round-the-clock monitoring of your servers as well as work closely with application development and relevant teams for performance optimization at all times Network teams at V Group, provide proactive network error detection, analysis, error escalation, error resolution, and other crucial network management services.
  • Basic Installations
  • Security
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Updates and Patches
  • Software Application
  • Installation & Management
  • OS Installation & Upgrades
  • Security & Backups
  • Updates and Patches
  • Trouble shooting
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Active Directory
  • DNS, DHCP, RAS, VPN and Mail Servers
  • Database
  • 3rd Party Apps
  • LAN/WAN Monitoring
  • Network Performance Monitoring
  • Cloud Deployment, Provisioning
  • Router and Firewall Monitoring


Services offered in Server Management:

Basic Server Management Services:

  • OS installation, security & vulnerability patch management
  • OS upgrades
  • Antivirus installation, patch management
  • Security hardening and user management
  • Ongoing backups/restore activities
  • Troubleshoot and fix ongoing issues
  • Server Hardware Management Services
  • Troubleshoot server hardware
  • Overall server performance

Advanced Server Management Services:

  • Active Directory installation and configuration
  • DNS, DHCP, RAS and VPN, Mail servers, Database Servers, Web Servers and Print/File Servers
  • Any other 3rd party server applications
  • Version upgrades of the services and server applications

Business Benefits:

Our 24 x 7 x 365 support by e-mail, chat, or phone from anywhere

On-demand technical support

Our dedicated team of highly skilled and Globally certified Administrators and Engineers

V Group uses secure, auditable, and highly-functional remote management tools to access, monitor, and fix problems with servers, network devices, desktops, storage, printers, and any other devices on your network

Our SLA driven service delivery enables the smooth functioning of the mission critical IT Systems and infrastructure


Services offered in Desktop Management:

Basic Desktop Services:

OS installation, security & vulnerability patch management

OS upgrades

Antivirus installation, patch management

Security hardening

Troubleshoot and fix issues reported by end users

Desktop Hardware Management Services:

Troubleshoot desktop hardware

Overall desktop performance

Hardware upgrades

Desktop Application Management Services

Patch management of the software


Service offered in Network Management:

Basic Services:

  • Monitoring LAN and WAN uptime
  • Handling network performance related issues

Advanced Network Services:

  • Installation of WAN links and liaising with ISPs
  • Firewall and router security policies
  • Monitoring the bandwidth utilization in LAN
  • Handling latency issues