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ETL Testing

We have an expert team of testers that are highly qualified & experienced in working with the entire ETL testing life cycle. Our team has experience on both Informatica and SAP Data Services Tools which helps us in:

  • Source to Target data validations
  • Production Validation Testing
  • Application Upgrades
  • Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Data Comparison with Data mismatch report
  • ETL job failure details

Reporting of overall test data comparison, which includes data mismatch report, ETL job failure details, etc.

Our ETL Testing Methodology includes following steps:

  • Understanding of information to report
  • Understanding & exploring data model
  • Understanding & reviewing of source to target mappings
  • Data Quality Assessment of Source information
  • Packages testing
  • Schema testing
  • Verify Data completeness
  • Verification of change rules
  • Comparison of sample data between source and target
  • Checking of referential qualities and relations
  • Data Quality checks on target distribution center
  • Performance tests

Database/Validation Testing

Our Database/Validation Testing services include the testing of various databases, objects and aspects including:

  • Stored procedures and capacities
  • Database Triggers 
  • Database Models and Schema
  • Database Tables and Views 
  • Rules for Referential Integrity
  • Database Mapping with Business Applications
  • ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) properties approval.​