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Core Flex Mobility Teams


Innovate With Core Teams, Scale With Flexible Resources

Targeted towards those who want to build, operate, and retain scalable teams in a competitive environment, resulting in faster time-to-market, and boosted productivity while building a solution-oriented approach to development at a comparatively reduced cost. 

With Core Flex Model, you retain your top performing resources in KPI deliverable roles while onboarding flexible resources as per the requirement to support the needs of the core team.  

Retain Top Performing Assets

Gather a team of top talents that can manage your project delivery timelines, guide other team members, set KPIs, and have vast experience in managing highly functional teams. 

Grow With Limitless Scalability

Scale up or down on flexible resources, which can chime in as and when required based on your requirement for a specific skill set, knowledge of tech stack and other criteria. 

Our Offerings

Rapid Scalability

Retain your most valuable assets as a part of the core team, while growing with scalable, flexible resources as and when needed. 

Efficient Resource Pooling

The core and flex teams can be involved in more than just one process, which can be used to develop multiple branches of a single project at once.     

Faster Time to Market

With efficient management, high scalability and carried-on knowledge, the time to market new products is significantly reduced.   

Reduce Overhead Costs

Reducing the core team size to only those who are immensely important for the functioning, and hiring the rest as we go, saves a lot of money.    

Entrusted By

Fortune 500 and World Leaders

harvard medical school
acme united corporation
best buy
Sea World
Sky Bridge Capital
Pacific Western Bank
Ogletree deakins

Delivering Excellence In IT Solutions

We've been transforming the Information Technology space since 1999, and up until now, we've been most successful in our pursuit of creating a culture that provokes innovation.

Microsoft Gold Partner

We've received the highest form of credibility certificate that a development firm can acquire from Microsoft.

Fortune 1000 Clientele

The top-tier companies have trusted and chosen us as their preferred IT solutions partner.

US Govt. Portfolio

We've been the trusted development partner for various government organizations in the USA.

Global Presence

Headquarters are present in the United States, India, and the Philippines.

Listed In Inc. 5000

We've been listed as among the USA's Top 5000 Companies In Terms of Revenue.

Award Winning Applications

We've built applications that outperform the competition and bagged ILTA Peer Awards and American Business Awards.

24+ Years In Industry

More Than Two Decades Of Operations.

Patented Products

We've registered a plethora of patents keeping the spark of innovation alive.

Experienced In 20+ Industries

We've worked with healthcare, legal, pharmaceutical, banking, chemical, manufacturing, retail, and many more industries.

In the Core Flex Model, we onboard a team of core members that play a crucial role in management, development, and communication and are the critical stakeholders for any project or KPIs.  

While on the other hand, to help the project scale quickly and efficiently, we onboard a set of flexible resources that chimes in with a specialised approach. They are often the subject matter experts in a niche tech stack or skill.  

The collaboration of such a team benefits Enterprise units and growth-centred startups who wish to move things rapidly and poorly without disrupting their existing processes.  

With the Core Flex Model, you can retain your top talent and high performers for an extended period. At the same time, you remain quick to execute ideas by having flexible resources always available at a moment's need.  

This model is better than contracting as it helps retain knowledge inside an organisation, building better and high-performing teams.  

Moreover, according to research, diverse teams with a workforce of different demographics, experience, and skill sets outperform traditional companies by 35% in terms of earning potential.  

The flexibility of getting a subject matter expert can help you save time and deploy solutions faster than traditional teams.  

Moreover, you can either scale up or down as per your requirement without worrying about retaining your stakeholder's roles, which would be in your core team.  

This way, you'd save money without wasting them on resources you don't need at the current moment.  

We have a global talent pool of 2,70,000+ developers spread across the globe and belonging to different skill sets, subject matter expertise, demographics, and more.  

That said, we can find, vet, and deploy an indispensable resource in 02 weeks under ideal conditions.  

VGroup Inc. has been innovating the IT solutions sector for the past 23 years and has worked with Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies and more.  

We have been ranked in Inc. 5000, and our products have won prizes in the American Business Award. Moreover, we have been certified as Microsoft Gold Partner, Twilio Partner, UiPath Partner and much more.  



That said, we can confidently say that we're the right partners in delivering a team to help you grow your business by engaging in a Core Flex Model.  


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