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The client, one of the most prominent practitioners of business immigration practices in the USA and dealing primarily with Fortune 500 accounts, wanted a payment integration that enables them to securely receive payment for Visa applications directly from the applicant.

Problem Statement and Challenges

The previous methods of fee collection used by the client lacked flexibility, were less secure, hadproblems facilitating cross-border payments, and involved a hefty transaction charge.

On top of this, the client could not track and organise the processing of payments. And a little mistakein the whole lifecycle, including getting the document signed to collect the fees, would generally pushthem two weeks back in time. So, they needed something robust, secure, and highly customisedaccording to their internal workings.


Self Pay is a payment management portal for facilitating end-user payments, secured by Azure ADAuthentication. It can also securely store documents and has email automation for notifying the client,internal members, and end users.

On top of that, the application exchanges data with an internal legacy application used by the client forthe generation and digital signing of legal documentation. With a unique matter ID, it also revises thestatus of payments, document updates, and more throughout the system.

Additionally, the customised dashboard helps to view the real-time data for payments and assignattorneys or other legal aids to the open cases.

  • Payment Gateway With Various Methods
  • DocuSign Integration For Digital Signatures
  • Azure AD Authentication
  • Real-Time Sync With Internal Application
  • Document Management System
  • Email Automation On Various Levels
  • Customised Dashboard
  • Reports and Finance Dashboard

Results and Success Criteria

The client improved their end-user experience by reducing the delay caused by intermediaries anddelivered faster approvals for Visa applications due to a negligible margin for error, all with theimplementation of SelfPay.