V Group ensures to put the sense of security back into the business. Because we know security issues are not just technical, it means business. We start from assessing customer-risk profile, then we develop a plan that optimize security spending, strategy, and performance.

With increasing external threats, evolving network environments and new business requirements, a fresh approach to security that will not compromise on either performance or cost. Our solutions address complex issues involved in diagnosing, assessing and implementing security solutions. Our solutions provide protection from network layer to the application layer in the areas of infrastructure security. Here is what we offer.

  • Infrastructure Security
  • Content Security
  • Email Security
  • Security Audit
  • Application Audits
  • Managed Security Services

V Group’s expertise and experience in the storage domain due to our extended experts’ team, has enabled us understand products, technology and diverse integration problems associated with storage infrastructure in a new perspective. It is this perspective that has helped us develop an array of storage solutions that is enabling organizations to function stress free. Here is what we offer.

  • Storage Consolidation
  • Disaster Recover
  • Data Protection & Availability
  • Storage Security
  • Backup Assessment
  • Storage Audit
  • Storage Management
  • Infrastructure Design and Assessment

Word from Spearhead

Predictive Call routing with real-time environment conditions to generate the best match, enabling your customers to reach the best resource, every time.