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The client, one of the most prominent practitioners of business immigration practices in the USA and dealing primarily with Fortune 500 accounts, wanted a platform to securely exchange and store legal documents.

Problem Statement and Challenges

The client was using platforms that slowed down legacy systems entirely unsecured and prone to cyber-attacks. Also, finding a trail for documents and managing access was hard with their previously implemented systems.

It acted as a bottleneck slowing down their operations and creating risk-prone situations, which can have adverse effects, especially for a law firm dealing with sensitive information. They needed a robust, secure solution with a shallow learning curve to enable quick deployment.


'Secure Document Sharing' was the proposed solution. This application uses the Single Sign-On (SSO) login with secured user access controls, managed by a centralised admin dashboard built with customised features per the client's need. Moreover, there were options for multi-document uploading and real-time encryption turning these documents into secured PDFs stored in a highly protected environment.

In terms of sharing, a user gets to truncate the document, making it visible partially onto a screen to avoid screen captures. Also, the file cannot be downloaded onto a local machine, and printing can also be disabled. A user can also set document expiration value, allowing the receiver to access the document for a certain period only.

The new system is well connected with their internal databases. It has delivered a great user experience, making it easier to access, use, and manage legal documents securely and efficiently.

  • Azure AD Authentication
  • Document Encryption
  • User Access Controls
  • Centralised Admin Portal
  • Activity Logs and Tracking
  • Truncated Visibility & Watermarking
  • Manipulate Printing and Set Expiry
  • Notifications Via Email Automation

Results and Success Criteria

With the implementation of a secured document-sharing application that works only when you're connected to the client's VPN and have the right level of access to the portal, the client successfully managed to put up a firewall against cyber attackers and individuals with malicious intent. It saved them much time, which was wasted before due to bad user experience, slow execution, and unmanaged operations.