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The client, one of the most prominent labour and employment law firms in the USA, with offices in more than 50+ locations, wanted a tool to help them manage their financial data and processes for immigration practices. They wanted it to be simple to understand, secure, and more streamlined, with faster loading times and customised features.

Problem Statement and Challenges

The client was already using a legacy application to manage the financial transaction for the immigration process. But it lacked several features. It was slow; data was stored in an unorganised manner and lacked customization, easily accessible, and unsecured. Overall, one cannot use it in the current digital age.

Many processes need automation to save precious employee hours, such as dynamic fee scheduling that varies according to the cases, which can provide a mix of automated features and manual override options. Other requested features were the generation of automated receipts and pre-bills, data consistency with pre-existing systems, report generation, access tracking, a forecasting system to predict the need for H1B extension and PERM, and many other requirements.


IFT contained everything they wished for, starting from an intuitive billing management dashboard with the option to either approve or reject the payment and check the status for checks, fees, schedules, vendors, custom UDF, and more. Additionally, it was uploaded to the cloud and secured by Azure AD Authentication. Furthermore, it exchanges information with internal databases and applications too.

But the most significant change we made was in terms of the design, which was so smooth that it could be understood with only a half hour of knowledge transfer session. Along with that, all the requested features were implemented as well.

  • Reports Dashboard
  • Schedules and Vendors Tracking
  • Integrated With Self Pay
  • Sync With Internal Applications
  • Azure AD Authentication
  • Checks, Fees, & Custom UDF
  • Highly Optimised UI/UX Design
  • Customised Dashboard

Results and Success Criteria

The new application was faster, more secure, and relatable for the digital age. All the requested features removed the chances of errors and made the process more robust and streamlined. Additionally, the client saved a lot of employee hours with automation.