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Analytical Support, Delaware Department of Health and Social Services


Delaware Health and Social Services are committed to improving the quality of the lives of Delaware's citizens by promoting health and well-being, fostering self-sufficiency, and protecting vulnerable populations.

Project Scope

The Delaware Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) required analytical support to coordinate the tasks involved in reviewing and testing immunizations HL7 messages sent between immunizations providers and several DHSS Systems including Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN) along with the Rhapsody engine and the immunizations registry DelVAX, in line with the client’s business goals.


The objective of the project included Business Analysis support for the design, pilot, and implementation of the quality review processes and communicating with the Project Manager regarding the progress of the quality approach and a summary of the metrics. For each phase end review we helped to plan, schedule, execute, and document findings of the review.

V Group Inc. supported the client and understood the challenges that were present in the existing system. These challenges were reviewed by the team to overcome them ensuring smooth transitioning of the system. Worked with outside customers (doctors, hospitals, providers) to incorporate them into Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN). Reviewed project’s software development activities and the associated internal tasks to ensure compliance with approved processes. Compared actual project procedures and performed detailed reviews of interim and final task stakeholders. Helped in identifying training needs of the organization for enhancing business value.

In the first place, we identified the approach for this initiative with defined tasks and weekly statuses to achieve milestones. We helped the client in managing the phase end reviews of work products and processes, as per the project scope. Helped in balancing the workload as per the team’s capacity by managing the team’s activities according to schedule and budgets. Obtained feedback from project teams regarding the overall effectiveness of processes and procedures and provided feedback to project teams regarding process/procedure improvement opportunities and other potential areas.

Also, provided regular reports on the results of compliance reviews to the project team, project team leaders, and management. Anticipated and resolved to ensure action items are addressed and closed based on agreed timelines. Communicated the team goals, organizational philosophies, and policies and procedures to the team and led in developing and facilitating the implementation of team goals and metrics.

Lastly, all the above steps in order allowed us to identify potential issues and escalate them on time, in line with the functional and design specifications and requirements.

Served as a liaison between Agency and solution’s contract, V Group Inc. supported the client in planning, implementing, executing, and evaluating the project successfully, keeping up to date with the latest know-how and trends.


  • MS Office - Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • HL7
  • RACI Charts