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Microsoft Azure



Our globally certified architects, admins and Devops experts can help you build, design and manage hybrid Azure cloud solutions. Our cloud services based on Microsoft Azure cloud platform can help you deploy and scale powerful applications and API's that let you move faster, achieve more in your business and save money. It is the foremost cloud platform for both IaaS and PaaS coupled with unmanaged as well as managed services.

Azure Cloud is the largest cloud computing environment in the world – Microsoft Azure that includes a wide spectrum of integrated cloud services analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web applications to support businesses compete more effectively in the market.

Our capabilities include

  • Azure Infrastructure Services
  • Application Platform Development
  • Azure SQL & Data Storage
  • Azure Managed Services
  • Azure Migration Services
  • Active Directory Identity & Access
  • SharePoint & Web Farms

Additional Strength

Development & Testing:

V Group provides a full spectrum of development, deployment planning and testing services with the help of our proficient Azure DevOps team. We oversee the entire application lifecycle, from concept to operations management and then strategize accordingly to seamlessly add new apps to generate new revenue streams.

Managed Services:

Microsoft Azure cloud hosting is cost-efficient, helps in amplifying revenue, secures data, helps in disaster recovery etc. We have experts with us who can help with deployment, cloud migration, security, threat analysis, and support so that you can scale as you need as well as make smarter decisions.

Advance Services:

V Group provides a wide variety of consulting and development services based on Azure cloud hosting.