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Tournament Edition


Unlock Advance Administrative Capabilities and Level Up Your eSports Tournaments

Tournament Edition, developed by VGroup Inc., is designed to provide advanced hosting and management capabilities for eSports event organisers and enthusiasts.  

With advanced bracketing and seeding systems, the app ensures fair and balanced matches by automatically adjusting rankings, fixing matchups, and more, allowing the game to unfold smoothly and fairly.  

Stay informed in real-time with push notifications, receiving timely reminders and updates about sessions and upcoming tournaments. 

Even without an internet connection, Tournament Edition's offline mode allows you to continue adding scores, creating events, and making changes. Once back online, all data automatically synchronises. 

Discover local eSports events effortlessly with the local events notifier, ensuring you take advantage of every opportunity to participate. Seamlessly switch between devices with cross-platform sync, enabling easy event configuration on web and mobile platforms. 

Track your progress and build your eSports persona with detailed player profiles, showcasing your performance and achievements across all events. 

Experience the future of eSports event management. Download Tournament Edition today and elevate your eSports experience with its technical prowess and user-friendly features. 

For Business Ventures

Seamlessly Plan, Create, and Manage eSports Events

Tournament Edition offers a streamlined solution for business ventures to plan, create, and manage eSports events effortlessly. Customise events, matches, and seasons and plan ahead of time with advanced bracketing and seeding systems coupled with the power of real-time notification, cross-platform sync, and more.  

For eSports enthusiasts

Focus On What’s Important; Winning

It’s made for the eSports enthusiasts who want to take their journey more seriously. With customised player profiles that can help you keep score of your matches, offline mode, real-time notifications, and local eSport event notifier, Tournament Edition ensures you’re always up-to-date in eSports.  

Benefits of "Tournament Edition"

Advance Bracketing and Seeding

Let the game run its course on its own with advanced bracketing and seeding systems, which automatically fix matches, adjust ranking, and do much more.  

Real-Time Push Notifications

Send reminders to participants to join in sessions, schedule notifications for upcoming tournaments, and a lot more on the go; no need to exclusively reach out to each member individually.  

Offline Mode

With advanced offline mode, you can keep on adding scores, creating events, and doing a lot more while you're off the grid, and once you're back with the internet, everything gets updated on its own.  

Local Events Notifier

Look out for locally hosted eSports events in your vicinity and participate as you like, giving you the freedom not to seek a partner when you're in the zone.  

Cross Platform Sync

Start configuring your event on a web application and finish it on your mobile app with smart cross-platform sync.  

Player Profiles

Track your progress, retain your historical data from all your ongoing and past events, and build an online eSports persona you can show off to the world. 

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Tournament Edition is an eSports Management Platform that can help enthusiasts and professional event managers tackle all known pain points of event management with the help of advanced and patented technology.  

With an advanced bracketing and seeding system, the application makes sure to remove the fuss of planning the match sequence again and again.  

And features like real-time notifications, offline mode, local events notifier, cross-platform sync, player profiles, and many other features; help to enhance the experience from an organiser's and a participant's point of view.  

Developed and managed by VGroup Inc., Tournament Edition aims to contribute to the growth of the eSports industry, which is rapidly growing and will be sitting amongst mainstream sports events in the future.  

Game Selection: Tournaments are centred around specific video games. Game publishers often organise official tournaments, while third-party organisers or eSports organisations can host tournaments featuring multiple games. 

Format and Structure: Tournaments can have different formats depending on the game and organiser. Common formats include single-elimination brackets, double-elimination brackets, round-robin groups, or a combination. The format determines how teams progress through the tournament and ultimately compete for the championship. 

Qualification and Invitations: Teams can qualify through various means depending on the tournament. They may earn spots based on rankings, performance in regional qualifiers, an invitation from the organiser, or through open qualifiers, where any team can participate and compete for a limited number of spots. 

Group Stages: In some tournaments, a group stage precedes the playoffs. Teams are divided into groups and play against each other to determine their rankings within the group. The top teams from each group advance to the playoff stage. 

Playoffs: The playoff stage typically features a bracket system. Teams compete head-to-head, with winners advancing to the next round and losers being eliminated. The playoffs continue until the final match, where the ultimate champion is crowned. 

Prize Pools: eSports tournaments often offer substantial prize pools. Game publishers, sponsorships, crowdfunding, or various sources can fund these pools. The prize money is distributed among the top-performing teams or players, with the winners receiving the largest portion. 

Spectatorship: eSports tournaments attract a large audience, both in-person and online. Spectators can attend the event in person, watch live broadcasts via streaming platforms, or view recorded matches. Viewership numbers can reach millions, especially for major tournaments, with commentators providing play-by-play analysis and insights. 

Broadcast Production: eSports tournaments feature professional broadcast production. Dedicated production teams handle camera work, commentary, analysis, interviews, and other aspects to provide an engaging viewing experience for the audience. The production value can rival traditional sports broadcasts. 

With Tournament Edition, we can help you manage the first 04 stages from the above list, and with the help of reporting, we can help you quickly draw results and announce prizes.  

The usage is quite simple, and once you're done with the registration, the process of setting up an event, match, or season is like a cakewalk; most of the complex work is done using property algorithms in the background.  

To simplify the process, we have created multiple walkthrough videos hosted on our YouTube platform, which you can check by clicking here.  

The applications are built keeping enthusiasts and professional event management in mind. So, if you want to organise an event with a handful of your friends and avoid the hassle of record keeping, event scheduling, notifying, and more, Tournament Edition is what you need. 

But if you're replicating the same thing but at a much bigger scale, then you'd need Tournament Edition to close the gap with human inefficiency.  

Tournament Edition Is the brainchild of Vivan Palandurkar and Vijay Kumar; where Vivan is the ideator of the concept, and he also dealt with all the strategy and planning involved with the application, whereas Viay supported the initiative by backing the idea with implementation executed by VGroup Inc.  

Being an eSports enthusiast, Vivan wanted to innovate the space, and during the lockdown, he envisioned the idea of Tournament Edition.  

During the year 2020, when eSports started gaining quite a lot of attention and started turning into a mainstream event at a global scale, he identified a gap for an efficient eSports event management platform; that can empower both global and local events, and that's when Tournament Edition was born.  


Tournament Edition is a closed-source application developed and managed by VGroup Inc., and at this moment, we are not looking for contributions regarding the same. 


But we're building an eSports Lab, and we might need a set of domain experts or enthusiasts with a shared vision of innovating the space.  

The core goal of the eSports Lab will be to understand the eSports landscape, find pain points, and propose possible solutions with the power of data analytics, business intelligence, and other robust technologies. 

If you can talk about the first-generation PlayStation console and might have a possible idea that can overturn the industry, we're looking for someone just like you.  

Moreover, we're also open to partnerships with university bodies, clubs, and other communities that wish to participate and have something to contribute.