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Weatherization System Modernization, DHCR


HCR's Division of Housing and Community Renewal is responsible for the supervision, maintenance, and development of affordable low-and moderate-income housing in New York State. DHCR performs a number of activities, including oversight and regulation of the State's public and publicly assisted rental housing; administration of the State's rent regulations and protection of rent-regulated tenants; and administration of housing development and community preservation programs, including State and Federal grants and loans to housing developers to finance construction and renovation of affordable housing.

Project Scope

Division of Homes and Community Renewal (DHCR) was looking for a vendor to provide support for designing, coding, and unit testing; and provide solutions for every aspect of the development process. The vendor was also supposed to conduct training for the division’s development team for the Weatherization System Modernization project.


As a part of the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), V Group was expected to modernize the existing application and re-platform as a web solution. Our team hosted the web solution on HCR's existing web application servers and administered it through a common code framework.

V Group delivered successful Re-platforming that centralized the data and eliminated the old existing import/export process. As a collective effort of all the activities handled a web-based version of the system was able to provide many efficiencies for HCR and ITS.

Our team worked with ITS Business Solutions staff that supported HCR applications to create a pattern for developing SPAs for future projects. V Group was responsible for the end-to-end process as required by DHCR i.e. Designing, collaborating, writing code, and unit testing; also reviewing code and participate in every aspect of the development process. Our experts provided mentoring and knowledge transfer to the staff ensuring smooth handover and awareness about the system.