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State Law Maps


The client, one of the largest law firms in the USA generally dealing with Fortune 500 accounts, wanted a system to host 'Laws and Related Data Categorised By States' for their internal team and the clients. The parameters for success were that it needed to be easily accessible, deliver a great user experience, be secured, and be highly customizable.

Problem Statement and Challenges

Unlike other countries, where the central government's laws and regulations are followed throughout the country, each state in the USA is termed as an entity in its own right which has the power to generate laws and abide by them accordingly. So, a single law can have 50 different renditions, making it tremendously hard to track and maintain records in real-time.

So, the client wanted a solution to efficiently categorise each law by state of the USA and display them in a format that anyone can easily understand. On top of everything, security was one of the main success concerns. The application was supposed to be used by legal teams and clients, and a simple malfunction in the database could create adverse situations.


State Law Maps is a dynamic portal designed in the shape of a map of the USA with a customised CMS and layered security, and it was everything the client dreamed of. We implemented Single Sign On Login and built a customised dashboard for admins to manipulate data for each law.

The end product became a beautiful visual representation of the USA's constitutions that is easily accessible, is secured, and takes much less effort to extract legal data.

  • Web Portal With Multiple Layers For Information Exchange
  • Single Sign-On Security With Different Levels of Access
  • UI Designed In The Form of Extensive Map of USA
  • Customised Content Management System

Results and Success Criteria

With the successful implementation of State Law Maps, the client saved approximately 3.5 hours per week per individual, which was earlier wasted searching for laws from unorganised resources.

Considering the cost of hiring a legal attorney or a paralegal, especially for an employer with more than employees and operating in 50+ locations across the USA and outside, they a considerable chunk of time and money.