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Project Management, New Jersey Department of Human Services


The New Jersey Department of Human Services (DHS) is the state’s largest agency. It serves about 2.1 million New Jerseyans, or about one of every five state residents and one out of every three children.

Project Scope

The New Jersey Department of Human Services (DHS) required Project Management support for application conversion projects. It also required support on all program-related issues and resolution of issues using formal methodologies.


The objective of the project included Project Management Support for managing and tracking the program progress, aligned with the project scope plan.

V Group Inc. supported the client and understood the challenges that were present in the existing system. These challenges were reviewed by the team to overcome them ensuring smooth transitioning of the system.

In the first place, we served as the primary point of contact for developing a detailed program plan for enhancement purposes. We also created Vision and Scope and requirements document to understand the nuances of the project in a smooth manner. We also did estimations for the enhancement or development effort for planning, analysis, design, construction, testing, and implementation.

Moving ahead, with a streamlined approach we facilitated the client in the creation and maintenance of all project management deliverables.

We performed all the given responsibilities with ease –

  • Coordinated and presented proposals to agencies and executive management
  • Identified and managed program risk and developed risk mitigation strategies, track for closure purposes
  • Responsible for project compliance in line with the standards and procedures and communication with the team members for their work assignments on a daily basis to achieve program objectives.
  • Prepared status reports on a periodic basis for program team, team leads, group leads, and program manager and appropriate stakeholders
  • Planned, organized, prioritized, and managed multiple work efforts across application teams, divisions, and other state agencies.
  • Helped in planning program-specific training and orientation needs for program user staff

This was achieved via excellent teamwork, as we helped the client to co-ordinate the work in order by allowing them to interact with the other product teams and other stakeholders.

Served as a liaison between Agency and solution’s contract, V Group Inc. supported the client in end-to-end Project Management successfully, keeping up to date with the latest know-how and trends.