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FileNet Administration, Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry


The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry is a cabinet-level agency in the Government of Pennsylvania. The agency is charged with the task of overseeing the health and safety of workers, enforcement of the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code, vocational rehabilitation for people with disabilities, and administration of unemployment benefits and Workers' compensation.

Project Scope

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry required support on File Net Administration while adding value for enhancing and streamlining internal business processes and driving business growth.


The objective of the project included but not limited to File Net Administration expertise to aid enable the client to efficiently manage applications across the entire landscape providing a great assistance on the IBM FileNet 5.2/5.5 software.

To get the required assistance, the above Project was divided into several phases with a streamlined approach. At the start, specialists gave the much-needed assistance in automating administration tasks and managing the files for optimizing performance.

V Group successfully supported the department in this task by providing assistance in activities associated with the FileNet product in all environments capturing all the needed parameters. Deep diving in all the captured parameters set the things rolling making the processes easier and simpler. From configuration, administration, documentation, testing, implementation to all the support activities associated with the FileNet product in all environments were maintained and managed efficiently.

VTo speed up on the existing functionality, we understood the current version of the application to help improve and implement changes to it. This exercise gave a clear-cut picture and paved the way forward for future enhancements. Going with the flow we fixed packs and upgraded FileNet products including Content Platform Engine, Content Navigator, Process Engine, and IBM Content Collector (ICC) for files.

We also assisted the client in implementing quality processes for quick fixing of technical issues in an efficient manner. Apart from maintaining workflows, we also provided technical support, as and when it was needed. Helped in implementing business requirements by resolving technical glitches in a quick manner. The step-by-step approach provided both instant profits, in addition to assistance with more productivity.

V Group Served as a liaison between Agency and solution’s contract to help the client to ensure complete, accurate, and timely File Administration Management in gaining a competitive edge.


  • IBM FileNet 5.2/5.5 System Administration
  • IBM FileNet 5.2/5.5 Content Platform Engine
  • IBM FileNet 5.2/5.5 Content Navigator
  • IBM Content Collector (ICC)