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Mobile Apps


Ways To Go Mobile

Entering the mobile market can be done at multiple levels. Below is a breakdown of three main ways to make the best of your website on mobile platforms.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design (RWD) is a design approach that not only automatically scales the content of your webpage to match the size of the screen; it also dynamically prioritizes this content and adjusts page elements. This method would keep your website as the main focus, while allowing visitors to view it the way it was meant to be seen, on any device.

Hybrid Web App

A hybrid app is a mobile app that can be downloaded from an app store, but has been developed using web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.). By having a dedicated app, you have gained real estate on your customer’s mobile device. The benefits of these types of app are that the core code can be borrowed from your existing website, allowing for faster development and better portability to multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows). You can even incorporate some native features of smartphones and tablets to further interact with your customers (e.g. push notifications).

Native App

A native app is a mobile app that can be downloaded from an app store, but has been developed using the native technologies of the mobile device (Objective-C, Java, etc.). The benefits of these types of app are that they can utilize all the resources of the device and be filled with the most features. While most commerce sites may not need all the power a native app, they hands down have the best user experience and most freedom of features.

Mobile Advantage

  • Enhance engagement and brand recognition: Claim a spot on your target audience’s phones and tablets and stay connected with push notifications increases your brand awareness.
  • International advantage: Many countries like Africa, India, and Indonesia have a high percentage of the population accessing the internet for the first time through a mobile device.
  • Ensure ease: With a custom developed and tested mobile app, you can be sure users are seeing your company just the way you want to be.
  • Provide value and support: Mobile apps can give users on-hand information, easy access to customer support, or even give them an advantage of using your business with a rewards program.
  • Stand out: Add legitimacy and uniqueness to your business by being one of the few with a custom app.

Mobile Application Development & Design

V Group offers complete premium application development on all major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows). Our team is experienced in many different fields with a focused in mobility in the healthcare and commerce industries. More recently we have begun to branch into the gaming industry, with our most recent in house application aiming to greatly influence the professional gaming scene.

We also offer the option to develop select assets of your application that your team may not have the manpower or skillset to complete. We are ready to take on user interface elements, user experience analysis, database creation, platform porting, and RESTful web services. Also, as a member of the Apple Consultants Network we are capable of handling almost any iOS or OSX related development.

Product Development

We develop original products as well as partner with great companies to make products on iOS and Android. We have a team of native development specialists that can handle any aspect of mobile development from developing web services to UI/UX and everything in between. Our company is lead by a team of Agile practioners who believe in colloboration, constant feedback and delivering the highest value at all times.

Visit us at V Group Digital for more info!!