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V Group’s Core/Flex QA Services model offers a core flex capacity model, customized to the client’s needs & requirements.

Our solution is to design a core capacity model which is required to implement a project with flexible capacity based on fluctuations in the forecast.

Our Core Flex Model provides the widest range of support at minimum cost to clients. Under this model, V Group provides several fulltime “Core” highly experienced senior quality analysts to lead testing, augmented by a small staff of “Flex” quality analysts available on a need basis. Our model actually results in long term cost savings for the client.

With this model, V Group's Flex team receives ongoing training on all applications running at our clients’ end to support our clients if an emergency occurs.

Core Capacity Model

V Group’s Core Staffing Model performs routine activities like tickets allocation, service requesting, enhancements etc. Allocation of our core capacity change as the demand for activities change arrives from the client end.

V Group’s Core QA Services includes:

  • QA Performance & Capacity Planning Services
    • Our QA Performance & Capacity Planning Services incorporates complete practice with the software, equipment & identifying weaknesses, and also benchmarking the emerging issues.
  • QA Lab Compatibility Services
    • Our lab is prepared to test all current mobile operating platforms.
  • Security Testing Services
    • We are specialized in providing security testing services executed by our dedicated & expert professionals.
    • Our team is proficient in attacking application defenses to find loopholes and weaknesses.
  • Manual Test Design & Execution Services
    • We save our client's valuable resources for new projects by letting our expert team members handle their Test Design and Execution process.
  • QA Performance Engineering & Optimization Services.
    • We perform end-to-end execution measurement to identify the problem.