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G.A.M.E. (Group of Applications, Mobility, and E-Commerce) is the most innovative division of our company, which encompasses many of our top project managers, analysts, and developers working on various cutting edge technologies. This division always has several new projects in the pipeline ready to be released to market.

Application Development

V Group offers complete premium application development on all major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows). Our team is experienced in many different fields with a focus in mobility in the healthcare and commerce industries. More recently we have begun to branch into the gaming industry, with our most recent in house application aiming to greatly influence the professional gaming scene.

As a member of the Apple Consultants network, we are capable of application development on all mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows.

E-Commerce Development

Our partnership with Amazon has given us the opportunity to create Amazon WebStores for numerous major companies like Boeing, Sea World, MTV, and Martha Stewart. We are experienced in developing responsive webstores that look perfect on any device, no matter what size of inventory you are looking to offer.

Furthermore, we are constantly working to improve the e-commerce field with contributions like our CARTs (Cart Abandonment Recovery & Tracking) application. This is the only cart abandonment tracking tool designed specifically for Amazon Webstores, with numerous features that allow you to analyze abandonment date, create email campaigns, and track revenue recovered.

IT Projects

Working with clients to implement large scale projects and applications into their company is another specialty of V Group. One area we focus in is SharePoint Implementation; however, we are also capable of handling SQL servers, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Dynamics, and more. Our years of experience allow us to complete all of our projects in a timely manner at a fixed rate.

Project Solutions

For those who want to develop your project entirely internally, we can help you find the right members of your team for the right rate. Having successfully staffed projects for companies like Sears, Michael Kors, and Apple, we are experienced at finding skilled professionals to fill your requirements and ensure your application gets developed on time. Furthermore, if you are willing to work with remote developers, we can introduce you to some of the brightest and most talented minds in the world.

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