While chat bots have helped the businesses a great deal, a recent study reveals some key areas where AI still needs to be introduced:


V Group’s Voice Search Optimization (VSO) is a product of our experienced technical knowledge on Alexa and other voice recognition devices. We have developed an engine that combines voice recognition and AI implemented search optimization engine that can search and retrieve data at very fast speeds in order to enhance existing customer experience and reduce user effort.


Voice Business Discovery was created in order to integrate it with custom voice assistance applications on voice recognition devices, existing web and mobile apps. Voice Business Discovery is an AI-enabled voice assistant application that can provide company-specific or product information, company services details, and high-end functionality to connect with various departments on multiple devices,. 

V Group’s expert knowledge on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Neural Network algorithms has helped us deliver a smarter and context-aware AI engine which can function at its peak efficiency with minimal processing times.

V Group’s developers have taken the initiative to develop a high-end voice and image analyzed assistant application integrated on onto a cabinet for automated inventory management. This allows customers to get notification about the items in their inventory running out or place an automated order to refill the item.

V Group has pioneered its way by implementing voice recognition technology and AI-enriched Chabot in their Tournament Edition application. This will bring convenience and ease to tournaments like e-sports, and will assist users of Tournament Edition with any questions or concerns with the platform and application.